Serendipitious Noises # ^.^

Here’s a conversation I over heard between a Mom and her 6yr old Son on the bus from Fermoy …

“…What was your favourite song?”
“I like ahh, I like da Little Drummer Boy. I like, I like da Little Drummer Boy because he played his drums for Jesus because he was poor and didn’t have any money to buy him any presents por Christmas. … I play the violin!”
“You do and you are very good at it!”
“I can play my violin por everweone on Christmas!”
“You can. I’d say they would enjoy that very much! Then you can keep all your Christmas money!”
“I can!? … I can poo it ‘n da ***buckets!?”
“(hehe) Yeah! You can put your money in the buckets!”
“I can play my violin, and poo my money ‘n da buckets and everweone will have presents!

***Here in Ireland, the various charities will collect money in buckets.