Actors, If I Don’t Know Who You Are, Take It As A Compliment

It’s a funny thing, my memory. If I meet you, I can remember every detail about you down to whether you had your shoelaces tied. But I will be damned if I could remember your name. This … whatever, isn’t just with names. It extends to titles and lables…. I  can remember song lyrics but can’t remember the name of the song let alone the artist or band that sang the song. I remember stories and the character, though I won’t remember their names unless it’s obvious. I’m a sucker for a good story. I’m a sucker for a bad story. Tell me a story and I’m all ears. Tell me a story and I’m all yours!

It’s a bit frustrating, though I’ve learned not to care, when people gossip about this actor in that movie, and that actor in this TV series, and so on and so on. It’s not that they look down their long noses that are all bent out of joint at me for not knowing who did what, or what did who. What’s a bit frustrating, … let’s change that … What’s rather sad, is that in all the gossip, no one talks about how good or bad the story was. It’s all about the actor, who directed it, who produced it, who wrote it… I think the only reason I would even know who the actors are, is because everyone will bombard and judge me with it. But the moment I talk about the story, the deer in the headlights look over takes everyone, they hold their breath and begin to panic just a bit before the subject is quickly changed to a facebook post of someones half eaten breakfast.

If you watched a movie, or a TV series, and all you can remember are the actors, then it was a BAD story, and the actors didn’t do their job. Think about it. An actors job is to pull you into the story and make the characters come alive,  and  the story so real that you feel that you are living it! The actor themselves are merely vehicles, transportation, for your imagination. The tragedy these days is a kin to taking a trip to see the wonders of the world, the pyramids, Petra, the Great Wall of China, etc… Then when you come home you only really remember the bus ride, so that’s all you talk about.

So take it as a compliment if you are an actor and didn’t win that paper weight that looks like a naked person, or that door stop with brass balls on it. It means that you did your job, and you did it well.


Keeping Samantha

Remembering you today on this last day of Tet Nguyen Dan – The Lantern Festival. It wasn’t as though we spent a lot of time together, not much at all. But you are my friend and I hope that I am yours. I met you at the Pow Wow in Centennial Colorado. You’re Father said that I looked exactly like you when you were 16. You showed me your regalia that’s been handed down from Mother to Daughter for generations. The beadwork was remarkable and how you modified it for your condition was beyond amazing. You accepted me in as one of your own. I knew I was Saux & Fox then. You told me your stories and confirmed much of my family’s folklore. My Great Grandmother was called “Rose” not for the flower, but for the colour of her skin! You were a Raven-Song come South and now a Coyote-Song. You were the story tellers, the keeper of the stories, the history. “We are immortal through our stories” you once said to me.

Today I keep your story alive
Samantha Coyote-Song (30 May 1966 – 5 March 2011)

Link to Mythistoria

Until I can figure out how to formally follow this blog considering that it’s on another blogging site other than Word Press, I’m going to take the more sequeitious, secueittious, saqueitious, … sah – que – it – tous …  rout and post the link here, create it’s own catagory and tag it.

So here you go:

Friendship Diesel


When they go without lunch, and gift shopping so they can scrape together every red cent they have on them, in a foreign country, to pay for a ridiculous mistake that you made.

What was the mistake you ask? Putting petrol in a diesel only car. Yes sir ree Bob! Make that 300 Bob!

Yes, they told me that it was diesel only! Yes, it was written on the contract! Yes it was on the gas cap! But I was so excited to take my Best Mates to the Ring of Kerry and show them the very essence of glacial geomorphology. I wanted so much to show off my geologic prowess, of where the glaciers began and how they moved down the valley, where they joined together to carved out the lower valley. How when the glacier retreated and left enormous chunks of ice that melted and form the kettle lakes known as the Lakes of Killarney. I was so excited and so egar that I didn’t here what she said. I didn’t see the writing. And to save time (HA!) I unscrewed the gas cap while I went for the wrong pump.

We got all the way to the turn off to Kilgarvan & Kenmare before I noticed that the car was being sluggish. I pulled off in some family’s long driveway and we called AA. … Of all the days I wished it WASN’T sunny in Ireland… As I talked to the mechanic, perfectly on que, when he asked if I put the wrong fuel in, I lifted up the sun visor and saw the big sticker that said “DIESEL ONLY”…

Needless to say, Thank Goodness I needed to go pee in the bushes to mask tossing my breakfast after the few drops!

Well the rest of the story is rather bland. I freaked, AA came and towed the car to Killarney and said that it would take about 2-3 hours. There goes the day, my geologic porousness  – stifled. We quietly wandered around town. I wept. However, my companions showed such great generosity when we were told that I had to pay ( Go figure, this insurance doesn’t cover stupidity) in cash because the mechanic doesn’t take plastic and gathered all the cash they had on them to pay for my OOPS!. I am so very blessed to have such AMAZING friends. It makes me think, that if there are such things as past lives, that I must have been the freaking Dali Lama to deserve their friendship in this life!

I did mange to show them in the twilight, Torc Falls, and where the terminal moraine was around the large lake. We also got to see an Irish deer herd with a stag and his big rack! As much of a train wreck the day was, I hope that my friends got something out of it, even if it’s an amusing story to tell at their Christmas office parties!