Dream Of Flood Red

It was a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t sleeping well. Got up several times, to pee, to get some water, to pee some more… When I got up for the day I was exhausted. I read some facebook messages, answered emails, made a cup of tea and sat down on the futon…

I had left my tea in the kitchen, so I got up and went into a high school music band room…


There was a work table at one end with noise cancelling head phones. Band practice was starting soon, & I had to edit some music, so I decided to use them. I put them on and the tech guy told me to start counting. With each count I felt my chest tighten. … 5, 6, it felt like someone just jumped on my chest.

“Too much! Too much!” I yelped. And the tech guy backed off, and I could breath again.

I was actually suppose to practice with the band. But there was a substitute band  conductor today that just walked through the door, she looked just like Jackie Onassis. Soooooo, it was OK for me to leave and retrieve my tea from the kitchen.


The sliding doors in the kitchen opened up right onto a beach, where the tide was coming in.

I looked away through the window on the opposite side of the kitchen. There was an white alpaca, not a llama, a white alpaca stuck in a snow drift on a hot Summer day. There was a Latino man hacking away at the snow, and it looked like it was hacking away at the alpaca. The alpaca broke away and leaped over to 2 young girls buying snow cones from a vendor. The alpaca knocked the 2 girls down and chomped on the snow cones. A voice over shouted “There’s no stopping him when he wants his ice cream!”


I looked back at the beach, but the tide had come in and was about  to flow into the kitchen. I closed the sliding doors and called back to some unknown place; “Dad! The Flood is coming!” I wasn’t scared, or worried. Just tired & fatigued. I sat down next to the window and looked out onto the flood that had reached the window sill. The sun was setting and the flood turn blood red. I sighed a very heavy sigh.


1pm and I’m woken up by my Love. He tells me that I asked him to. Ah, right! I have to get ready for a job I hate. …

Today, while at that awful job, I take a moment to look at my Facebook feeds. … Interesting, a Florida’s toxic red tide is decimating their population of sea turtles…


Then I remembered my dream…