Bragging About My Leftover Garden

I’m just going to brag about my Leftover Garden. I really shouldn’t because I did nothing but throw out leftover veggies into a compost pile. Earlier this year I posted about how some of my bits and pieces actually sprouted…




I left it alone and I can’t believe what came of the cabbage. It grew so big that I had to stake it. It seeded and now there are cabbage leaves that are grown from it! I can’t help to think that this is what cabbage is like when it grows in the wild… The leaves are tasty by the way!







You might notice that there are potato plants growing as well! I have not dug them out yet but sure enough they are there along with a load of other veggies and herbs!

There’s cilantro (coriander)


… And a tomato plant!


An Avacado Tree?


Butternut Squash or Pumpkin?


Snap Peas? … Or maybe some sort of Bean?


And again, let’s not forget about the Potatoes!


I cannot wait to see what comes up next season! In a couple of weeks I’ll go and dig up potatoes and have them for dinner!

Left Over Garden


I’m always amazed how plants will always find a way to grow. We hack, rip, and litterally eat them alive. Spray them with herbicides, and pave over them. Still they will find a way. I want to go on and on about all that we can learn from plants’ determination to grow, but I wouldn’t be able to spout out anything so deep and life changing that you couldn’t figure it out for yourself.

Now I usually bury my leftovers in a designated compost area in my back garden. That’s a back yard to all my State Side buddies. Every year I get some very interesting things growing. Strange looking yellow cucumber with black seeds, or wonky looking pumpkins … well, I say pumpkins … Almost always get some kind of cross breed potatoes…

But I’ve been lazy for the past several months, and have just dumped the leftover bits and pieces without burying them. … OK, that’s a lie. I’ve been so lazy about it, that it’s my Honey Man Guy that’s been deposing of it. Well, I had a little time the other day and went out to dump the left over bits and pieces and look what I found! 2 cabbages and stalks of celery that refuse to die!


UPDATE Monday 23 April 2018:

One of the cabbages have taken root and turning into a tree! 😄