Off The Cell – November 2014

Tory Top Park, Cork City November 2014


Tory Top Park, Ballyphenane, Cork City, Ireland November 2014





1 November 2014

Tory Top Park, Ballypehane, Cork City, Ireland November 2014



Tory Top Park, Ballyphehane, Cork City, Ireland November 2014


Cork Ireland Wei Qi (GO) Tournament 16 Nov 2014

Cork Go (Wei Qi) Tournament, Cork City, Ireland November 2015


MardykeNov2014 From The Mardyke Sports Arena, Cork City, Ireland November 2014






Remember November, or September … Maybe December

It wasn’t the 5th of November that I needed to remember,

But certainly something that needed remembering.

Maybe it was in September that I needed to remember,

Remembering something in September for sure.

But I guess I’ll hold off until December to remember,

Least I forget the something I needed to remember in November.

A Peace Of November

Dear Retail, Dear Commercialism, Dear Advertising,

I applaud your efforts to entice the Christmas Spirit so that we can empty our pockets, our purses, our wallets and our bank accounts to buy whatever you are hocking and selling. But may  we please have a little peace in November before you strangle us with your jingle bells? A bit of calmness before you blind us with flashing fairy lights? Some serenity before the barrage of chaotic screams of “must haves” and “You need to’s” or our families and friends will hate hate us? And although I am flattered that all Mariah wants for Christmas is me wrapped up under her Christmas tree, I’m feeling a bit uneasy that she has to tell me this 20 time a day on the radio, at the pub and in every store I enter. “They” do say that absence does make the heart grow fonder, so may we have a break this November to collect ourselves and let our hearts grow  until they nearly burst of fondness? May we have just a little quite before the storm that is Christmas? May we please? … Pretty, pretty, Please?


The 3rd Coyote