Serindipitious Noises – #FD64Fr33 (Pays To Miss Out)

(Originally posted on 26 October 2008 on Facebook)

I had gone into city centre early this afternoon to get a few grocery items for my self imposed “lock in” to get work done. It just so happens that this weekend in Cork City there is a Jazz Festival where in every nook, cranny and pub there is some jazz band, music of sorts playing. Monday is also a bank holiday so it’s a 3 day weekend, Holloween is this week and wouldn’t you know there was a food booth extravaganza all along St. Patrick’s Street.

There were foods from all over the world even “Native Foods From The Congo”. The aroma was delightfully mind numbing as I walked up and down the street. At the far end there was an unusually large crowed around one of the booths. Well of course I had to find out what the deal was. When I got to the crowed I saw that the booth was simply labeled “Vegetarian” …

OH MY ….AAAHHHH!…… WHAO! …. WOW! …. YAY!!!

This is the infamous “Vegetarian” booth. The woman who runs it has all sorts of vegan and gluten free desserts that she bakes herself at home and brings them to these festivals and such. However, they are either vegan or gluten free except for 250g vegan, gluten free chocolate chip cookies for only 1€! It was the only thing I could have. I could see it a huge tub piled high with these cookies! People were reaching in grabbing as many as their paws could hold and then waiting in line to pay.

I was wearing my prison orange rain jacket so I stuck out like a … girl in a bright orange jacket… The crowed was so big and think I couldn’t push my way through to get my grubby little hands on even one of the cookies! People still grabbed and grabbed. You could no longer see the cookies above the rim of the bin. People were reaching deeper and deeper.

Finally! I made it up to the booth, I look in the bin and yes, 3 cookies … NOOOOOO! … a very tall man with hands that could palm a basketball scooped them up with his right hand, put one in his mouth, wiped his wet nose with his left hand, put the other 2 cookies into his left hand and reach deep into his pant pocket and pulled out a 5€ bill … I was mortified, crush, my soul just died a thousand horrid deaths. Mouth full of cookie he made a very kind jester with his booger cookie hand and offered me one. I gave a sad smile and shook my head no…

“Ye wait here, Luv.” I looked over the woman running the booth quite confused “Ye waited long, ye can longer”

“You have more?” I asked


Feeling really awkward I just shut up and waited. 5min, 10min, then 15 minutes later when the crowed died down to a trickle, the woman pulls out a huge bin piled high of vegan, gluten free 125g chocolate fudge with roasted hazel nut coating for only 2€ a piece. She pulls out a piece that looked like two that got stuck together, puts it in a paper bag and gives this to me. I try to hand her 10€ bill that I had. She turned her nose at it and said “Go away.”


“Go away!”

“Well,…ahh…umm… Thank…”


Scared senseless I scampered away muttering under my breath “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You …”

I scurried into the park and sat on the bench. I pulled out my vegan, gluten free, chocolate fudge coated in roasted hazel nuts. I was like Charlie opening up that candy bar to find the golden ticket. I took the smallest bite – Oh the reverie! Never was there a diviner taste than this! My head swam in a rich, decadent haze!

Of course I thought to myself “Sometimes it pays to miss out…”

Serindipitious Noise #PKH41R

(This happened on 1 June 2012. I just didn’t have the means to post it ’til now.)

I’m so very blessed to have not the oddest things happen in my life, but odd enough …

There I was sitting in the shade at Governor’s Park, drinking an iced toddy (coffee) from Pablo’s, my most favourite coffee shop in the US so far. I was rather perplexed, despite the busy serenity around me. I simply needed to get my hair trimmed and there wasn’t a place nearby that didn’t charge the arms and legs of your Mother’s children. I would have to drive to the nearest Great Clips or Cost Cutters, but I just got a semi rock star parking and I didn’t want to give it up! Certainly not for a cheap hair cut!

Then a shirtless, well inked man comes jogging by, he stops and asks if there’s any water around. I tell him that there’s a drinking fountain down the hill but I wasn’t sure. He says Thanks and off he goes. A few minutes later he’s walking back. I ask him if he found anything and he said no. He looked parched and sunburnt, so a ridiculous notion popped into my head and manifested into me offering the ice left in my toddy. He said no, that’s alright and sat on the stone wall next to me. We started chatting about his sunburn and it came out that the was a message therapist & a hair dresser that goes around engaging people and sets up appointments with them where ever they want to have the message or hair done! I asked how much he charged. He asked if I needed my ends trimmed. I said that I do and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the park table with a poncho and Georgio trimming my hair. He did a great job! I threw him a 10er + a few, praised his work and puff he was gone!

If my hair wasn’t an inch shorter and more manageable I would’ve thought I fell asleep in the cool grass, and dreamt the whole thing. … There are plenty of crafty squirrels at Governor’s Park …

Serindipitious Noises – #S91R1T5 (Wind People)

It’s a windy day today in Cork City, Ireland, and a cold wind at that. But there’s hardly a cloud in the sky and the sun’s shining high and bright. As I tighten my hood around my ears I giggled while the Wind People dance around me…

Originally Posted, 27 February 2007, Denver Colorado on My Space

A week or so ago the wind was so strong that when I took Dodger out, the wind blew him over… and we were in the city at Governor’s Park next to the West side of a tall building! I had to laugh. Not only was it funny that Dodger was blown over, and passer bys grumped and complained, cars even had a hard time staying in the lanes, but me, I was enjoying the wind, and took great comfort in it.

When I was very young, before I was in school, the wind would come bang against the side of the house, rattle the windows and doors and moaned a sad song. I felt so sad that I quickly ran around the house opening every window and door to let the WIND PEOPLE in and all the banging, rattling and moaning would stop. “It’s cold outside, they just want to come in.” I said to my father as he went around the house closing all the windows. Of course I would promptly open all those windows and doors again. I mean really, it was cold out!

In 2nd grade the tornado sirens were tested every Monday at 1pm. I hated the sirens because I thought they scared the Wind People away. One day, on a Thursday, the sirens went off. We were all instructed to line up and go into the bathrooms. As we filed into the bathroom I broke loose ran to the double doors and flung them open. The force of the wind kept them open. It took three teachers, two to close the doors and one to grab me kicking and screaming, “The sirens are scaring the Wind People!!”

In 3rd grade our classroom was situated on the West side of the building. There was a strong wind that day and it beat against the side of the building, rattling the window and howling. Mind you, this is Colorado Springs, the headquarters of “Focus on the Family”, very Christian, religious and superstitious. And I had a substitute teacher from Mexico. After a deafening howl of the wind I spoke out of turn and said “Mrs. Naomi, you have to open the doors and let the Wind People in.”

“Who are the Wind People?” she asked

“They’re spirits, and they just want to come inside, and they won’t stop howling and knocking until you let them in.”

This terrified my whole 3rd grade class, and I got sent to the principals office. It was cool, ‘coz it was 10am and my father told the principal to either open the doors or send me home. I got sent home. … Thank You, Wind People! BAWK! BAWK! I spent the rest of the day playing outside with the Wind People.

Just before my 9th grade year, I was up in Michigan hanging out at a Sauk and Fox Native American community. There I met this older gentleman, who was a real kick in pants I tell ya. Other people told me to “watch yourself with the Old Crow”. (Apparently Ravens turn into Crows when they get old and silly. Don’t know if this is true folklore or not, I was just told that) I watched this Old Crow sell stones that he pick up off the street to gullible tourist. After making a sell the Old Crow came into the breakfast café, where I was sitting. He walks up to me and says “So, the Coyote came home to visit?” I really didn’t know what to say. (Funny, in that I had a similar experience later in life, another story another blog) Suddenly the wind picked up something fierce! Surprisingly, both me and the Old Crow started to laugh. Even more surprising the people in the cafe opened all the doors and windows. I just had to ask, “Why are they opening the doors and windows?”

” You know why?” The Old Crow responded

“Wind People” I joked

“You should know, you’re one of them.” The Old Crow said matter of factly

“You just said I was a Coyote?”

“What do you think Coyotes and Ravens are?”

I just smiled.

The Old Crow then told me that at the end of the summer all the spirits come here from the Mountains from the Waters, to keep warm over the Fall and Winter and to see what is happening in the People World. In the Spring when there’s no more snow they go back. The wind was very strong, blowing over dumpsters and such. Old Crow said that the harder the wind blows the harder the Winter. Later that Winter my Father and I where in Michigan and when we were driving back we got in a blizzard and was stranded at a truck stop for two days in Nebraska.

Just last November 2006 my friend Michelle Eagle-Elk and I were at a gem and mineral show at the Merchandise Mart. When we had left the wind kicked up. The wind was blowing so hard that we had to stop and cover our heads and turn our backs to the wind to protect ourselves from flying objects. We made it back to  my Jeep and I told Michelle the Old Crows story. Again I don’t know if it’s true folklore or not, the Old Crow could have just been pulling my leg. But when I think of the Wind People, the Old Crow, how strong the wind was, the 7 or so blizzards we had this Winter, and the wind that blew Dodger over, I have to say I don’t care if it’s true. No Matter where I go, no matter where I am in my life, the wind will always blow.