A Memorable Moment


Oh how I ache for my youth! After watching the finals of the women’s 3 meter springboard it’s hard to believe that I was once nationally ranked in both the 3 meter springboard and 10 meter platform diving. It’s even harder to believe that I once had a body much like theirs. It’s nearly unbelievable that I might have executed a dive or two that looked as graceful and effortless as theirs do.

One of the most memorable moments in my very short diving career was right at home during a swim meet at good ‘ol Thomas B. Doherty High School. I don’t remember what school we were competing against. I was so focused. There was a full panel of 5 judges. I was up for my very last dive, my very best 1 meter springboard dive. – A simple back dive straight (layout). As I approached the board my teammates and what seemed the whole pool shouted in unison “O! K! K!” The encouragement that I was not going to let down. I walk to the edge of the board and turn positioning the balls of my feet on the edge. *Exhale* I work the board, 1… 2 … 3 … HUUUP!!  I spring into the air. I reach that sweet spot way above the board. My arms snap into position outstretched to either side and my body turns like an iron bar being flipped. I spot the water again well above the board. I pull my hands together and fly… Punched the water, ripped the dive, no splash, straight to the bottom.

When I came out of the water, the cheering was defining! Even the opposing team and coaches were cheering! You know you did good when the other team is impressed. The scoring begins. 9 … 9.5 …10 … 9 … 2? … What? 2? The pool erupted in groans & BOOOOOOO! BOOOOOO! Coach Badger contested the score, but the judge wouldn’t budge and the 2 stood fast.

How could I even begin to explain the elation, the love and support that I felt at that moment! It seemed as though the whole world was willing to fight for my honour!  Other students, cheerleaders, teachers that wouldn’t have even said boo to me in the hallways were all boo’ing in my defense! MY GAWED! IT WAS INTOXICATING!

That 2 didn’t make a difference in my score. They throw the lowest and the highest score out. That’s probably why the judge wouldn’t budge. I don’t know if the crowed knew how the scoring was done, or if they did would they have fought as they did. But what does it matter?