The Wait…

Geezays! When did I give in my notice to quit this Puke Stank Job? I think it was 3 years ago! … Or was it at the end of July? My good friend Brad asked me why I gave so much notice. Well, because I wanted to be a good person. This is the time that everyone is going on holiday (that’s vacation for my state side buddies). I’m helping out, covering shifts while they are away. Although I don’t owe casino anything I don’t want to leave them hanging esp. since I might need a reference. So I’m playing nice. However I’m seriously reconsidering….

Last week I got off the bus hunched over and heavy footed. Slogged over to the coffee shop where I will weep into a cup of coffee in hopes to build up enough gusto to go to work.  On the way I just happened to be at the bus stop, at the very moment the bus that would take me back home pulled up. The doors opened and I stood there staring into the bus. People came off, people got on, and still I stood there staring into that bus. “Are you getting on?” The bus driver asked… Oh my soul died a little as I squeeked out a “No.” and walked away. Why didn’t I get on that bus?

Of course to add insult to injury, that night one of the regulars stole €50 from me. Basically jumped on a slot machine that had not been cashed out and played it down. It’s on me because I was suppose to make sure the machines are cashed out before they are in use again. I think I had to pee and thought “Oh, she’s a regular it will be fine for the 3 min. I pee…” Well, no.  She saw the opportunity and took it. She probably thought that I was leaving in a couple of weeks so there won’t be any recourse… and no, there wasn’t. I worked 5 hours for free. … More reason to quit this Manky Ass Lick job.

I am doing the very minimum while I am at work, while I’m counting down the days. 5 more shifts left by the way. I don’t vacuum (hovering). I don’t buy the snacks for the customers, just make sure there’s enough milk for the night. I don’t take the trash out unless it overflowing, or clean the front window sills that people sit on, or sweep up the cigarette butts just outside the front door, because the customers couldn’t be bothered to step out of the doorway to smoke their cancer sticks and walk all of 2 steps to toss their butts in the ashbucket that’s attached to the side of the building. I don’t even clean the bathroom or mop the floor unless it’s obvious, or just enough so that I can use it. And guess what? NOBODY NOTICED! All this time I could have gotten away with just doing the bare minimum and it wouldn’t have make an ounce of difference, because being diligent certainly didn’t.

… 5 more shifts at this Genital Slime Rot job… 1 more week left … PHUC! THIS IS PURGATORY! This is the wait where every hour gets longer and longer! This is the wait where you contemplate the demise of all the customers. This is the wait where you purposely stress your self out by blowing up the severity & urgentcy of all the bills you owe, just so you wouldn’t reduce the workplace to ashes while walking off your shift.

THIS IS THE WAIT! … 5 Shifts … 1 Week … Oh goodness help me …




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