My Notice Is In!


I have offically given notice. In 6 & 1/2 weeks I will be FREE from this Gangrenous Puke Rot job!

It was rather anti-climatic…

All week end I was psych’n myself up for it. I refuse to engage in anything that involved money, look at my bank accounts or even count money. I didn’t want to chicken out… Taught a seminar Sunday morning, it finished up early, thought; ‘Great! I have an extra 2 hours! I’ll take a nap!’ And that’s what what I did. You’d think it would be restful, peaceful even, because all Sunday afternoon naps usually are. But no, every 10 min or so I’d open one eye and check my phone, not just for messages from work, but to make sure I didn’t over sleep. Finally I get up to get ready. Remeber from my last post, I have to go to the coffee cafe down the way from work an hour before my shift to psych myself up for the job, which means I have to leave another hour earlier to walk to the bus stop that takes about 20min. Wait for the bus – 10 min. Then depending on traffic another 20min to 50 min  on the bus. … But as I’m putting my things together I get a few calls and several messages; “… Are you on your way? … Where are you?… ” etc… I respond; “I’m not in until 6pm”



“You work at 4 … Did you look at the roster?…”

Turns out the roster was changed and nobody thought to tell me about it. No matter, I work it out. She can stay until 6pm. I get to work, Godzilla does his compulsory punch in the gut when I walk through the door and it’s non stop  equipment malfunction, noise, noise,  louder noise, selfishly self-entitled cranky customers, & small time amature semi criminals. I manage to get them out before closing at 2am I go home in bed By 4am @ 8am I get messages from the Assistant Manager letting me know all the fallacious reasons why I am not worthy of this Manky Piss Stain job…*sigh*… Typical shift at work – I am definately putting in my notice…

Now I’m motivated. I get on the computer I write my resignation letter:

22 July 2019

Dear Bozo, Krusty, & Pennywise

Please accept this letter as notice resignation  from my role as the company’s  doormat, employee dumping ground and customer’s punching bag. My last day will be Thursday 5 September 2019.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring forth my inner demons to justify areson & contemplate the downfall of all your customers, that you have provided me.

I fully intend to work all the shift that I have been scheduled, with tremendous disdain & a dark sense of sarcastic humour. I hope you and the company will continue to enjoy it’s failing success in the future.


The Goddess & Creator of The 9th Ring in YOUR Hell

… My better self told me that I should keep it simple and leave out the adjatives.

I print it out in triplicate. Put it in a brown recycled environmentally friendly evelope, because we all should do more of this… Got ready for work, got on the bus, sat in the coffee shop down the way with letter in hand. I contemplate all the AMAZING things I can see and do once I’m FREE from the barbed shackles of this Pestilant Poisoned job, like: Go to sleep, eat proper meals at reasonable times, see what the live in boyfriend actually looks like…

Now I wasn’t expecting the Asst. Mgr. That I was suppose to take over from ti throw their hands up in the air curse the powers the be, fall to their knees a, begging me to stay while gripping my left ankle… Seriously, I really wasn’t. Nor was I expecting them to turn into a towering inferno of rage exiling me to my room with no dinner for a millennia screaming “GOOD RIDDANCE YOU BUMBLING BUM!”

… I’m not sure what I was expecting. I know I was expecting that they would be there…

So I come into work and take the sucker punch by Godzilla come up to the desk and find one of the other workers there. The Asst. Mgr. had to leave…

… That’s it…

Well, I still put my notice in. I messaged them saying that I will quit as of the 5 Sept. took a photo of the letter and sent it to them so that there’s some sort of time stamp. There was a bit of surprise with a “… you want to leave completely…” But not much else…

In any case … My Notice Is In! …


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