RIP M’ol Celtic Flower


We weren’t friends in Jr. High & High School. She was a cheerleader/pom squad, all the clubs, good grades, everyone loved her, she was very popular… I was an angry loner that lurked in the shadows, jumping into the light every now and again pretending to be whatever might be normal. We sat next to each other in 10th grade biology. You would remember when you sit next  to one of the more popular girls in school. Where every glance or notion your way would incite  epic movie like fantasies of everlasting friendship, holding hands skipping through fields of daisies. Or brought on the feeling of dread that were utterly apocalyptic. But those high school days stumbled on. She stayed in the spotlight and I continued lurking. When those days finally fell away, so did all the thoughts and feelings that we held so dear while we were there, and now life marched on.

Then Facebook came along. Her name keep popping up in one way or another. Just like in high school all those notions both gleeful and dreadful came flooding back. This went on for ages it seemed. Then one day, I thought, would things have been different if I just said Hi all those years ago? And said to myself what would be the harm as I sent of a friend request to the ever so popular Nikki Brewster. Much to my surprise, she accepted.

Now why she accepted I have no idea. We stayed as friends on each other’s lists for quite some time until a band came to town in Denver. I think it was called “Celtic Frost”. Living here in Ireland I was so curious that I let go of all my inhibitions  and asked who/what was this  band … And this is where our beautiful conversation started albeit so very short.

We messaged back and forth every so often, and kept up the “likes” on each other’s posts. She was hoping to visit Ireland. I was looking forward to that, when ever it may have been. … But she has now gone into that good night, our conversation abruptly ended. I wish I would have said hello earlier, but happy that I finally did. We’ll meet again someday and we will continue our conversation, revelling in your beauty & light.

Rest In Peace M’ol Celtic Flower.