3 Years Ago Today, Which Is The 15 March 2018…

Beware the Ides of March. 3 Years ago I ignored that warning & decided to go hiking. And it was there, on the Knockmealdowns Mountains, that I met my undoing – The one and only Mr. Richard Leahy! Sure, I posted something like this last year. But I don’t care!… I will forget birthdays and anniversaries, I will most certainly forget your name and call you something else entirely, But I will always remember this day! Not because it seems so iconic to find each other on mountain tops, or because I was resigned to; ” that it won’t happen to me”, then went all Bambi and got “Twitterpated”. I will remember it because for better or worse, or somewhere in between, my life changed!

Now I have to Thank a couple of people, because if it weren’t for them, we might not have met. Thanks John! You’re the reason I and looked back. You were being so kind, holding down the barbed wire so we all could climb over. Since I thought I was the last person I assumed you’d walk with me at least for a bit before catching up with the rest. So when you went missing, I looked back and there he was!

I also have to Thank Brad. After the hike Richard asked to exchange email addresses. A bit strange, considering we were and still in the Age of Facebook. I really did not know what to do. Do I email him right away, do I wait a couple of weeks? Every scenario that you’ve seen in a movie, TV, YouTube & any other social media, between my ears. In my desperation, I emailed Brad and asked what I should do! I KNOW! a middle aged woman asking for advice on contacting a guy I like. Seriously, in this area of life, there isn’t much difference between 13 and 40 something or other. Anyway, I asked Brad and he said YES! email him back! Email him back right away! And I did! Some of the best advice I ever had! And there you have it! 5 months & 5 days later we were official!

Richard, another reason why I will always remember when we met is because regardless of how you feel about me, I LOVE YOU! Sweet & simple.