Another Oopes…

Fragmentarily speaking, and yes I meant to say it in that way, I made a mistake this morning. Obviously the world has not ended and as far as I know, although you might not be able to see it depending on where you are & what the weather is like, the sun will set this evening and again I’m pretty sure that it will rise again tomorrow. So not the biggest of mistakes that one can make. And NO! I didn’t kill any body! If I do it would be intentional and no one would be the wiser, because there is absolutely no one on my hit list. It was a mistake that I made. I will take full responsibility for the mistake and understand that there will be repercussions. Probably in the form of sarcastic remarks in a public setting or flaming poo at the front door. And it will be held against me, or hanging over me, or under foot, in my side in the form of a thorn, up my butt or under my pillow for certain amount of time. Which begs the obvious question; ‘Where do I draw the line?’ …cookie-crumbs1


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