Highly Disappointed WordPress…

Sure, I’ve been away from blogging on WordPress for a long long time. Doesn’t mean that I haven’t dipped in every now and again to see what’s up. Every time I have, WordPress has changed the format so that it’s like figuring out a whole new sight. It seems every bit of guidance you get from Word Press to supposedly help you navigate through,  passively aggressively presses you to create and pay for a website that you won’t understand how to use. Thought that I would encourage an inspiring poet to set up a Word Press account to show off his prose. But after the tangled ball of yarn of setting up his account, and him writing his first post, we couldn’t find it anywhere on WordPress unless we logged into his account. AND from his account he couldn’t find my WordPress! Needless to say, this certainly attributed to my absence. Word Press, you are not user friendly! I understand that I am slow, and that I haven’t kept up, but it’s so much easier to post a blog or publish your writing on Facebook than it is here. … Ugh… The sad thing is, I will still slog through Word Press because at the very least and know enough to keep my Word Press Free and Facebook … *sigh*…


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