Off The Cell – February 2015

Bridge Bridge on Sullivan’s Quay, Cork City, Ireland
The Lough N The Lough Looking North, Cork City, IrelandThe Lough SThe Lough Looking South, Cork City, IrelandFrom St Patricks St CorkPeter Paul Cathedral (?) From St. Patrick’s Street, Cork City, IrelandLee River. JpegThe River Lee @ Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork City, Ireland


Pink Camilia, C.O.P.E Foundation, Fermoy, Ireland

Keeping Samantha

Remembering you today on this last day of Tet Nguyen Dan – The Lantern Festival. It wasn’t as though we spent a lot of time together, not much at all. But you are my friend and I hope that I am yours. I met you at the Pow Wow in Centennial Colorado. You’re Father said that I looked exactly like you when you were 16. You showed me your regalia that’s been handed down from Mother to Daughter for generations. The beadwork was remarkable and how you modified it for your condition¬†was beyond amazing. You accepted me in as one of your own. I knew I was Saux & Fox then. You told me your stories and confirmed much of my family’s folklore. My Great Grandmother was called “Rose” not for the flower, but for the colour of her skin! You were a Raven-Song come South and now a Coyote-Song. You were the story tellers, the keeper of the stories, the history. “We are immortal through our stories” you once said to me.

Today I keep your story alive
Samantha Coyote-Song (30 May 1966 – 5 March 2011)