Off The Cell – July 2014

By The Lee River, Fitzgeralds Park, Cork City, Ireland July 2014

On the bank of the River Lee, Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork City, Ireland

July 2014


Mardyke, Cork City, Ireland, July 2014

Patio of the Mardyke Sports Areana, Cork City, Ireland

July 2014


Only 2, Cork City, Ireland, July 2014

Near The Lough, Cork City, Irleand,

July 2014

We All Live In A Sinking Submarine


It’s not a reoccurring  dream, but it’s one that sticks in my head especially now that I’ve been ambushed and the rug pulled out from under me…

I’m sitting in the window of my apartment on the 33rd floor. The world is flooded and the water has been rising slowly for several years. I can see that the water is up to the 24th floor. I think to myself that I only have a few years left before I will drown like everyone else below me. I am safe for the moment, warm, and dry. I’m so exhausted though. I just barely made it out of a sinking submarine. Myself and several others went below to find a way to stop the flood. But our route took us too close to a building and it tore open the sub. I managed to maneuver it to the roof top of another building where everyone was able to swim to safety.

Now I sit on the window exhausted looking out on the water that is ever rising. I get a phone call on an old land line phone. “We need you to go down again. You’re the only one who can pilot the ship.” I am safe, warm and dry and I want to say no. They tell me that they’re sending school children down. I am safe, warm and dry and now I can’t say no. I’m the only one who can pilot the ship and they’re sending children down. I have to go. I have to.

I’m on the submarine and the children are playing. I’m taking them down so that we can find a way to stop the flood. They call down and say that I have to take the same rout as before. “It’s too dangerous! There’s a safer way!” I beg them. But they don’t hear me. They tell me that I have to take that rout or they will launch a missile and blow up the ship. I tell myself that I can do this, I’ve done the rout and know the dangers. I steer the ship. They launch they’re missile anyway. I maneuver the ship and just miss the missile. The blast of the missile hitting the building near us throws us into another building. We’re stuck. Water starts draining into the cabin and the children are huddled together scared and looking to me to say what to do next. I close my eyes and think that I could have been safe, warm and dry …

Darlagh Continuously Sings

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Inglorious Jargon

Perla Zorn and Bruscar are writing each other off!

They’re taking turns writing bits to a story. They don’t know what the other is going to write or where they are going to take the story until their bit goes live on WordPress! But they ran into a problem, in that the reader/follower has to scroll down to the bottom and do a Texas 2 Step of 2 steps upward one step down, to read the story in order. Unless, of course, you’ve been following from the beginning.

To work around the cookie cutter that is WordPress, Perla Zorn and Bruscar figured that they would also post their “write offs” here as the one continuous story that it was intended to be.  So, if you are new to this story,  you can read it from start to … now without leap frogging through the posts. They will still post as…

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Off The Cell – June 2014

Babies, My Back Garden, May 2014

BABIES! My Back Garden,  June 2014

Fitzgeralds Park, Cork City, Ireland June 2014

Fitzgerald Park, Cork City, Ireland,  June 2014

My Back Garden Again, June 2014

My Back Garden, June 2014

My Back Garden, June 2014

My Back Garden, June 2014

Strawberry, My Back Garden, June 2014

My Back Garden, June 2014

Some Oldies Off The Cell Phone

Easter 2010

Easter, Cork City, Ireland 2010

Cork City, Ireland 2008

Cork City, Ireland 2008

Barrack Street, Cork City, Ireland 2008

Barrack Street, Cork City, Ireland February 2008

Grand Parade, Cork City, Ireland October 2012

Grand Parade, Cork City, Ireland 2012

Link to Mythistoria

Until I can figure out how to formally follow this blog considering that it’s on another blogging site other than Word Press, I’m going to take the more sequeitious, secueittious, saqueitious, … sah – que – it – tous …  rout and post the link here, create it’s own catagory and tag it.

So here you go:

Remember November, or September … Maybe December

It wasn’t the 5th of November that I needed to remember,

But certainly something that needed remembering.

Maybe it was in September that I needed to remember,

Remembering something in September for sure.

But I guess I’ll hold off until December to remember,

Least I forget the something I needed to remember in November.

A Peace Of November

Dear Retail, Dear Commercialism, Dear Advertising,

I applaud your efforts to entice the Christmas Spirit so that we can empty our pockets, our purses, our wallets and our bank accounts to buy whatever you are hocking and selling. But may  we please have a little peace in November before you strangle us with your jingle bells? A bit of calmness before you blind us with flashing fairy lights? Some serenity before the barrage of chaotic screams of “must haves” and “You need to’s” or our families and friends will hate hate us? And although I am flattered that all Mariah wants for Christmas is me wrapped up under her Christmas tree, I’m feeling a bit uneasy that she has to tell me this 20 time a day on the radio, at the pub and in every store I enter. “They” do say that absence does make the heart grow fonder, so may we have a break this November to collect ourselves and let our hearts grow  until they nearly burst of fondness? May we have just a little quite before the storm that is Christmas? May we please? … Pretty, pretty, Please?


The 3rd Coyote