Serindipitious Noises #C@G370W7

I go into Penny’s to look for some cheap bitz & pieces. They are starting early with all the Xmas decorations & novelties, jamming them into every nook & cranny, putting up extra shelves, making the aisles so narrow my broad She Hulk shoulders couldn’t fit through without walking sidewise. I decide, ‘It’s enough! Time to go! I’m hungry! I need a toilet!” & attempt to make my way through this Xmas labyrinth of HORROR & DEATH! I scooch down one aisle & darn it! It’s blocked by dismembered Santa heads that you wear as hats! Quick! Stage left down the other aisle, UGH! Thawrted by radio active reindeer with GLOWING NOSES! Again another aisle & FOR GOODNESS SAKE WHATHAFAAA ….! Demon snowmen toe socks with their hollow black eyes & toothless smiles … Oh dear me, I was lost & confused! I wandered aimlessly muttering aloud; ” I can’t get out! I can’t get out!…”

Then I turned some random corner & there stood before me a young girl of no more than 3 ft in height, long golden spun hair, & emerald green eyes as big as the full moon! I stood stupid in awe! Here is my salvation! Here is my freedom from this wretched place! But before I could speak, she said to me while clutching a pair of mistleltoe leggings close to her heart, ” I can’t get out either.”

It’s Only One Train Car Wrecked …

Well, I couldn’t get that one wrecked car back on track and it’s probably unlikely that I will … this year. In a manner of speaking¬† I’m conceding defeat on my New Year’s Resolution of posting on Word Press once a week. All for good reason though. Life happened! And OH MY GOODNESS did A LOT of Life happen! …¬† and it’s still happening… So I will need to save the details for another time when Life isn’t happening so much and I’ll write about this INCREDIBLE year that is 2013!images