Improving My Own Private Train Wreck – 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Glorious Glorious New Years Resolutions! I LOVE ’em! Call them what you will, your goals, your plan, your promise, your list, your gist. Here are mine for 2013! I post these as a means of accountability as I’ve been slacking these past 6 years in completing my list:

1) I’ve really neglected my health in this past year and my size shows it.  For most of 2012 I’ve been eating on the run and that is never a good thing. So I prepared a very strict diet and times in which to have my meager meals 5x a day each day between 1200 and 1500 calories. I’ve also put myself on a fairly ridged schedule work/sleep/play schedule. This will help me get rooted again, since I was practically in panic mode all last year.

2) To resolve once and for all the issues of my marriage. My husband lives abroad. There’s a 7hr time difference between here and there. Neither one of us wants to give up our careers to move and neither one of us wants to get divorced, but both of us are finding the day to day difficult living so far apart. I’m am still a devout believer in “If there is a will, there’s a way.” This year, we will work this out.

3) I want to write. I have loads of short story ideas and loads of partially written stories. This year I will post at least once a week here on WordPress. I will also complete at least one short story a month. If anyone had any ideas of where I can send them to or recommendations of how to publish or where to find info on how to publish please let me know. I’m not looking to make money out this. I just want to write and it would be nice to publish.

4) I have been stuck at 15K in Wei Gi (GO) for 2 years I can’t complain ‘coz I haven’t really put much effort into improving.  So a solid 13K by the next Cork Go Tournament.

5) Once again I’ve managed to collected a pile of artsy fartsy crafty projects that are only partially completed. Finish all of them before starting new ones. When starting new ones only 3 at a time!  – This might have to be a life time resolution!

6) Believe it or not I went through the whole of 2012 without reading a single book in it’s entirety. This coming from a woman who once had a library of over 2,000 books of every category imaginable! Gos to show how chaotic last year has been. Starting with “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” at least 6 novels! … No, I’ve never read it. Long frustrating story that lead to my last divorce. If you really want to know I’ll tell you at another time.

Any Recommendations?

7) Train hard so that I will pass my advancement test to 5th Degree Associate Master in Shaolin

8) Boston & The Grand Canyon, I’ve never been … I KNNOOOW! It’s laughable isn’t it! Husband – Born and raised in Boston his family still in Boston. We’ve been together 11yrs, married 4&1/2 and never been to Boston! The Grand Canyon? Yeah, flippin’ geologist living in Colorado, only a 12hr drive away and never been! This year it’s Boston, The Grand Canyon and The Giants Causeway. I threw in the Giants Causeway ‘coz things are better in 3s and that it’s up in Northern Ireland. I haven’t been to Northern Ireland either, and before it becomes suedo ironic I want to make a trip there even if it’s just for a day! I mean for goodness sake! It’s the same island & Ireland’s not that big!

So there yah have folks! Feel free to keep tabs, berate or applaud I’ll welcome it all!