Serindipitious Noises: #A1115G00D (The Lovely Bits & Pieces To A Typical Week)

I was on my way to city centre to get my weekly groceries when I ran into a group of teenaged girls.

“EEAAY” says the taller, blondie one. “Ye da new garl, comin da end oda yer like?”

Just like in the movies I look behind me, around me, then back at them with a confused look.

“Yeah, yeah, ye da new garl?”

My middle aged self wanted to say; “Why yes! I am that new 15 year old girl at the Precipitation Immaculate Constipation all girl Catholic School just down the road!” (… or whatever it was called) … Instead, I said; “No, no, sorry.”

“Aah yeah, she’s not American so.” Says the one of the shorter blondie girl to the taller blondie girl … eh’hem … “garl”.


I was down at the best chocolate store in the whole wide world! – O’Conaill’s!  (… …) And it’s right here in Cork! I’ve always been a fan of the Belgian chocolate until I had a taste of the glorious Irish chocolate! My goodness! Ecstasy I tell yah! Pure Ecstasy! … Don’t get me wrong, Belgian chocolate is still fantastic, but the Irish? *Whew!* WOW!

So, I was there picking up some truffles to send back to my Sister in Law who’s birthday passed me by. There were only 2 boxes left, and they were a bit dusty. I didn’t care too much about the dust and bought one of them. As I was leaving the shop assistant hands me the other box and says; “Take dis away wit ye so. No one will buy it all by itself.”


As I was on my way home from the O’Connaill’s, I came upon a gentle silver hair reaching over a stone wall breaking the brilliant purple flowers from a gianormous bush. As I approached him, he quickly hid the bouquet behind his back and stared innocently at the ground. I thought to have a bit of fun and said to him; “Are you stealing those?” A devilish smile grows on his chin as he brings his finger to his lips.

“Shhhhhhhh … It’s m’garl’s ‘n me 50th, ‘an I’d stole dees vury flaw’rs when I proposed!”

“Oh!” I said; “I guess you’ll need these as well!” I pull the extra box of truffles out of my bag and gave them to him. With a huge grin and a cackling laugh he scurries around the corner yelling back “Tank Ye! Tank Ye!”


What a beautiful warm and sunny day! Taking my usual short cut through Tory Top Park! The wonderful smell of freshly cut grass! 

*GASP* … The City Council changed the flower beds. The red so spectacular that not even a photo can capture it’s magnificence!


There’s a group of silver hairs that gather at Tory Top Park every day rain or shine! We’ve very lovingly deem them “The Grumpy Old Men”. They walk around the park always talking about “Fookin’ ” this and “Fookin’ ” that, with a Jack Russell, or another sort in tow. Between their walks around the park they all sit on the bench next to the flower beds in quiet contemplation  – for the most part. I wave a fond hello to them every time I walk by, and they tease me about who my next boyfriend is going to be. This time I decided to take a photo of them, being that they were all there and a bright sunny afternoon to boot! I ask if I can.

“Oh! Yeah, Yeah! Work away! Work away!” Says the one with the metal cane.

I take the photo and show it to them.

“Whoa look! She shows tah Kevin furst!” Says another “Guess who’s ‘er fav!” And then punches Kevin in the arm!

“Ar’ye married?” Says yet another.

“I’m afraid so.”

“Ye be comin’ ta m’place den lader so?” A round of cackling and punching insues.


I have a couple of stray cats that I feed. 2 black cats. One I call “Blue Toothless” or just “Blue” for short. She arrive with a frayed blue collar to distinguish her from the other black stray I call “Red”. Just “Red”, because he was wearing a tattered red flea collar. Blue managed to get all her bottom teeth knocked out some how, so she went from just “Blue” to “Blue Toothless”. Thought it was a cute cheeky pun none the less. Without any bottom teeth she has trouble keeping her tongue in and you would often find her sitting on the table looking through the kitchen window as if to go “THHLLLLLPT!” One of these days I’ll manage to get a photo of it, but right now I just can’t get it coordinated!

“Red” is my stray cat. I go back and forth on whether to bring him in and turn him into a domestic. It always comes down to, “no, no, I just can’t” I don’t know if I am justifying, rationalizing, making excuses or what, but I figure that if he want’s to stay with me he will. Well, after spending some time in the bathroom I find Red in the middle of my kitchen floor. He got in through an open window.  I put down a plate of food for him and he eats. He then goes and jumps on the couch and falls asleep for  the rest of the night.


Got this membership to the pool. I’m feeling all 41 of my years. I’m feeling flabby and lethargic. My cardio is non existent, and so are my knees. Running and even biking are out of the question so yeah!  Swimming! That’s the answer and I sign on! I’m there on my first day trying to be brave, sucking in my stomach, getting to know the lay of the land. I pop into the pool and do a few laps. What? There’s a class and I have to move to another lane? Well, OK. I get out and before I reach the other side of the pool, a well conditioned life guard intercepts.

“Ye ‘ave excellent technique! Ar’ye on de UCC swim team?” … Believe you me, I was all a blush!

“Uh… uhmn … Uh, Thank You! And no, no I’m not, … uhmn … I’m not, uh, on the UCC women’s swim team.”

“Ore’rite! Ar’ye swimin’ ear often then so?”

“Well, yeah … I, uh, I just got started though … with a membership …”

“Ore’rite! Ore’rite then! I see ye round so?”

“Yeah! Yeah! You’ll see me around.”


I can’t wait ’til next week!


I’ve been hagridden. With the same one. Well I say the same in that it falls along the same lines. There are no monsters, killings, tortours, rape, ghost or demons. And yes, yes, I’m talking about about nightmares. This re-occuring nightmare is simply me walking though a door, or waking up, or looking away… I’ve had it since I was a teen, long before Star Trek, Next Generation’s; “Inner Light”… It’s a nightmare that wakes me gasping and bewildered, begging to fall fast asleep again in hopes to regain all that I lost. I spend the next several days weary of every doorway, cautious when I turn my head, fearful to sleep at night for what I may wake up too…

The heaviness, the weight, the desperation that constricts my breath, my every thought eventually fades.  Then a few months will pass and in my sleep I dream of a life that is full of joy & happiness, full of love and contentment, full of mystery and adventure. Always, there’s that one person, some times male, some times female, that I share it all with. I don’t remember much, a large cable spool table that we used for the kitchen table, milk crates with homemade pillows on them. A mattress that laid on a throw rug with a handmade quilt in the corner of a studio apartment. We were poor. Dirt poor! We didn’t care… I was always in school working on one degree or another, they were always working some blue collar job. We scrimped, scrapped & saved, we took great joy in the simplest things and more often than not we preferred them over the decadence of what’s normally recommended… We loved each other, …*sigh*… oh, did we love each other… They would call to me from the hallway to help them bring in the groceries, or a noise, a sound would catch my attention and I look away. I can see them in the hallway and I walk through the door … I glance away …

…There I stand in a posh new condo with all new shinny appliances, and furniture. An unattentive partner hunched in front of a 72” screen, and the keys of a brand new Boxstar Spyder in my hand. I panic, I run through the door, but it’s all the same. I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again, still it’s all the same. I look at my partner in front of the screen … nothing, a stranger. … I can’t go back … It’s all gone, ‘they’ are gone … I wake up …

One of the more recent times I had this nightmare, I was asleep on that mattress. In this dream it was a ‘he’ that came to wake me up to give me a cup of tea. He gently shook my shoulder but I didn’t wake. I didn’t want to. I knew that if I woke that all of it would be gone. In my mind I begged him not to wake me up. I told him that I won’t remember anything about him if I did. He kept shaking my shoulder and I kept begging. When I felt myself waking up I did everything I could to remember everything about him. All I could wake up with was that he was younger than me, had curly black hair and deep blue eyes…

I had this nightmare again a few days ago. A few days earlier I was head hunted for a job. It was a managers position of a whole department, in an industry that I never wanted to work for again. The kicker, however, was that it paid 65K a year. I probably could have negotiated up to 75K. I was good at that line of work, really good! And I hated myself for it. I knew just how stick that knife in without them even knowing it and get a whole array of desired effects. I could even twist it and have them believing that they were getting a deep back message. I could find the slightest loophole and spin anything in any direction imaginable… I still had principals, a code per say. I was fired from 2 jobs because I wasn’t willing to amend them.

I’m scrapping by being self employed right now. Other than a pesky student loan of some too many years, I owe nothing. I don’t own property or a car. I’m not famous but I’m known in the community and they support me and what I do… And I love what I do! LOVE what I do … I have a roof over my head, in a country I’ve always dreamed of living in. I have a bed to sleep in, food for the table, and clothes to wear. My time is my own and with a bit of careful planing and saving I can travel and experience world! … I am poor, and to introduce another component, my husband is, well, not around. But despite my lack of money and husband I do so enjoy my monastic life!

I take this job and all of this is gone. I can’t do both and there’s no going back. I will, however have 75K a year. I may even gain some respect from my husband? Maybe he won’t be so embarrassed by me, or resent me? He may even be proud of me. … Is it worth it? … I have a couple of short comings but I have a treasure chest of nearly everything I’ve ever wanted. So, do I walk through that door, do I look away, wake up to 75K a year?