Serindipitious Noise #PKH41R

(This happened on 1 June 2012. I just didn’t have the means to post it ’til now.)

I’m so very blessed to have not the oddest things happen in my life, but odd enough …

There I was sitting in the shade at Governor’s Park, drinking an iced toddy (coffee) from Pablo’s, my most favourite coffee shop in the US so far. I was rather perplexed, despite the busy serenity around me. I simply needed to get my hair trimmed and there wasn’t a place nearby that didn’t charge the arms and legs of your Mother’s children. I would have to drive to the nearest Great Clips or Cost Cutters, but I just got a semi rock star parking and I didn’t want to give it up! Certainly not for a cheap hair cut!

Then a shirtless, well inked man comes jogging by, he stops and asks if there’s any water around. I tell him that there’s a drinking fountain down the hill but I wasn’t sure. He says Thanks and off he goes. A few minutes later he’s walking back. I ask him if he found anything and he said no. He looked parched and sunburnt, so a ridiculous notion popped into my head and manifested into me offering the ice left in my toddy. He said no, that’s alright and sat on the stone wall next to me. We started chatting about his sunburn and it came out that the was a message therapist & a hair dresser that goes around engaging people and sets up appointments with them where ever they want to have the message or hair done! I asked how much he charged. He asked if I needed my ends trimmed. I said that I do and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the park table with a poncho and Georgio trimming my hair. He did a great job! I threw him a 10er + a few, praised his work and puff he was gone!

If my hair wasn’t an inch shorter and more manageable I would’ve thought I fell asleep in the cool grass, and dreamt the whole thing. … There are plenty of crafty squirrels at Governor’s Park …

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